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Thumb-stopping social media advertising that leaves your customer wanting more

…without wasting ad spend or fighting with algorithms.

Social Media

Don’t waste valuable time and ad spend by starting at square one.

From Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and Pinterest, your audience spends hours daily on social media. But algorithms, competitors, and apathy all stand between you and their attention.

My Media Dreams has the expertise to target, engage, and persuade your market, eliminating years of costly trial and error. 

You’ll not only get your ads seen, but get your audience to care – without draining ad spend.

Know where to show up, who to show up to, and how to engage them so that you can:

  1. Acquire New Customers
  2. Recapture Past Customers
  3. Lower Ad Costs

Here’s how we make that happen:

Crack algorithms and interrupt scroll apathy with social advertising experts on your side.

Take a look at what’s possible when you partner with My Media Dreams to reach your social media advertising goals:

technical setup

Lead Journey Optimization

Identify your customer journey and make the path to purchase simple.


Ad Copy and Strategy Creation

Show the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

lead optimization

Technical Setup And Maintenance

Track behavior, retarget, and segment with pixels set up across channels.

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Brandon Maskell Director of Marketing

My Media Media team has a diverse range of skill sets to support our needs and goals. They are very technical, leverage data driven approaches and have a strong understanding of content marketing & PR.

Client Photo
Jennifer Craig Director of Marketing and Communications, NewSchool of Architecture

My Media Dreams is always looking for ways to help us improve our digital efforts and ensure our satisfaction. I consider My Media Dreams an extension of my marketing team and a trusted strategic advisor.

Client Photo
Lucy Evelyn CEO, SealFit & Unbeatable Mind

They not only bring great strategies to the table focused around growing our businesses but also execute from A to Z and follow through on those initiatives allowing us to *move fast and have experts across all aspects of our marketing.

Media Features (5)


Before a contract is ever signed, we pop the hood on your business with a detailed audit of your Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies. You get an in-depth report on what’s working, what’s not, and what opportunities we’ve found for serious growth.

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We consider your current paid efforts, competitive landscape, and audience segmentation opportunities while mapping out your customer journey.  From this, your multi-channel paid social strategy is custom curated.

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New ads are created, launched, and tested based on your strategy. We handle this process from top to bottom, including copy, design assets, and targeting.

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Results, Rinse, Repeat

As you begin seeing new business and an increase in customer lifetime value, we continue making tweaks. Nothing is safe from tests and optimization; strategy, content, and targeting are all continuously adapted to your specific target audience and unique market behavior.

Get your free, no-strings proposal audit that other social advertising agencies would bill for.

You'll receive an in-depth audit of your:

Customer Journey and Funnel

to eliminate random chance as a factor in your success.

Technical Setup

for making strategic decisions that are informed by data and behaviour.

Audience Segmentation and Retargeting

to make sure the right ads are being seen by the right people.

Prospecting Efficiency

to see if your current techniques and sources are effective.

Messaging and Creative

to see whether your ads are high-quality, consistent, and engaging.

Attribution Windows

to help us understand your current timeline for faster improvements.

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